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Porsche 993 Turbo (Enhancement package)

Porsche993 25

This air cooled 993 Turbo has been kept in pristine condition out of the elements. Only needing a light polish and an interior detail with leather treatment it was booked for an Enhancement package.   ˆCondition before – wax stains ˆCondition before ˆDeep clean ˆDeep clean ˆWheel clean ˆWheel clean ˆDecontamination stage 1 – Iron content removal ˆDecontamination stage 2 – …

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BMW M5 (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation & Opti-coat)

IMG 7968

This 2006, 5.0-litre V10 booked in for a Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation for a post sale detail. The process removed the swirl marks caused from washing & returned the finish to a deep metallic black. The M5 was then protected from the elements with Opticoat Permanent paint protection. ˆWash ˆClay bar ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition under the lights …

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Mercedes C63 AMG (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)

IMG 0643

The 6.2L V8 AMG was booked in for a Stage 2 Paint Correction. It had buffing trails from a previous detailer all over the paint and needed some work to get it back to how it should look. ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆDeep clean ˆCleaning wheels, wheel arches and tyres ˆStage 1 decontamination (Iron content removal) ˆStage 2 decontamination (Tar …

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Porsche 997 turbo (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)

IMG 2825

Suffering from some swirl marks from a car wash, this Porsche 997 Turbo was booked in for a Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation. This removed the scratches and returned the finish to a deep metallic black. ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆWashing wheels, wheel arches and tyres ˆDeep clean ˆClay bar removing tar spots from bottom fender ˆMeasuring paint levels ˆCondition before …

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Subaru WRX (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)

IMG 0867

This WRX had been covered in white overspray and significant swirl marks. The 2005 WRC blue wrx went through a Paint Rejuvination as well as Headlight Restoration.   ˆWheel, wheel arch and tyre cleaning ˆDeep paint clean ˆWhite over spray ˆMore white overspray ˆClay bar – removal of overspray and tar spots ˆMeasuring paint levels, checking for resprays, touch ups etc. ˆCondition …

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Lexus IS250 (Stage 3+ Paint Restoration)

IMG 1996

The Lexus IS250 came to Elite Finish for a post-sale detail to get it looking flawless. The condition of the paint was in terrible. Heavy swirl marks, deep scratches and some buffing trails over the entire vehicle . Being a solid black with no metallic flake it, showed up every imperfection. This car went through a restoration correction which was …

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BMW M3 (Stage 3+ Paint Restoration)


The paint on this M3 had been scared from several automatic car washes and incorrect washing techniques. The finish looked like a light grey instead of a deep metallic black due to the heavy swirl marks covering the clear coat. A two day Paint restoration was needed to recover this E46.   ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCleaning wheels, tyres …

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Mazda RX8 (Full Restoration Package)

Stage 3 Paint Correction

The client came to Elite Finish after having the car “detailed” previously. The RX8’s paint had heavy swirl marks and buffing trails caused from a machine polisher used incorrectly. It was booked in for a Restoration Package which involved a three stage machine polish, headlight restoration, Engine bay detail as well as Interior & leather. ˆBefore ˆBefore ˆBefore ˆBefore ˆDeep …

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Mitsubishi EVO 7 (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)


This white EVO6 looked quite dull and suffered some oxidisation as well as some moderate swirl marks. It was booked for a Headlight restoration & Stage 2 Rejuvination correction process which returned it back to a deep gloss white with clear headlights.   ˆCondition before – headlights cloudy and had minimal reflection in the paint ˆCondition before – Brake dust has bonded with the …

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Nissan Silvia S15 (Stage 2 paint Rejuvenation)

IMG 3833

Like many other red cars, this S15 suffered from oxidisation and the finish was quite dull. It also had some water marks on the bonnet that needed to be removed. Stage 2 Rejuvination correction process was decided to correct these probems and get the deep red colour back. ˆBefore condition ˆStage 1 decontamination – Iron content removal (Brake dust) ˆStage 2 decontamination – Clay bar …

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