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BMW G80 M3 (New car protection)

BMW G80 Brooklyn Grey37

This Brooklyn Grey G80 BMW M3 came in for new car treatment: NXTZEN Graphene paint protection including wheels NXTZEN Glass coat NXTZEN interior leather and fabric coating Ceramic window tint PPF door cups and boot entry

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Adelaide Paint Protection

We have moved from number 9 to 15 Oaklands road, Somerton Park. Along side D&S Tint we can now offer more services, all in house. – Paint protection – Cut and polishing – Paint protection film – Window tint   Aston Martin, Audi R8, BMW M4, BMW M4, Audi R8 Paint protection film applied to a Aston Martin DB9 headlight Maserati …

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Featured customers cars

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BMW M4 in for  Opti-coat paint protection including wheels Ferrari Testarossa in for stage 2 paint correction   Aston Martin in for Opti-coat paint protection including wheels   Golf R in for tinting the windows 35% and Opti-coat paint protection including wheels R35 GTR i n for window tint  18%+ Opti-coat paint protection   GT-P Ford FPV in for stage 2 + Opti-coat …

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Mini Cooper S (Stage 1 + Window tint + Opticoat)

MINI Window Tint 2

This Mini was in desperate need in a decent decontamination & paint rejuvenation as well as restoring the black plastics. The car booked in for stage 1 paint correction, Carbon Xp window tint and Opti-coat paint protection. ˆCondition before without window tint, faded plastics and lacking shine on the paintwork ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before – swirl marks on …

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Audi S5 (Stage 2 + Opticoat)

Audi S5 Opti Coat.21

This black Audi S5 recieved a stage 2 paint correction to remove some of the deep swirl marks and reduce the light scratchs in the paint as well as touching up some of the stone chips. Condition before: Wheel cleaning: Removing Iron content (rust) Car wash: No evidence of protection on paint Clay bar – removing tar spots and fallout …

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HSV VY Senator (Stage 2/3 + Opti-coat)

Commodore Opti Coat23

This HSV Senator was in need of some restoration to bring back the deep metallic. The car had swirl marks and scratches over the body which dulled the black paint. After a decent wash and decontamination (Iron, tar spot removal and clay bar) The car was ready for a stage 3 on most panels and 2 on lower panels: ˆCondition …

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Ferrari 355 Spider (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)

Ferrari 355 Spider Detail34

This Ferrari 355 was in good condition for it’s age but it needed some attention to restore the deep red colour and remove some scratches and swirl marks from the paint as well as removing some silver overspray. The thorough stage 2 paint correction procedure returned the gloss levels and returned the Ferrari to new condition ˆCondition before – deep …

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Mercedes SL55 AMG (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)

Mercedes SL55 25

This Mercedes-Benz CLK booked in for a stage 2 paint correction as each panel had buffing trails and moderate swirl marks from incorrect use of a machine polisher. Removing these marks returned a deep black finish and lifted the metallic in the paint.   ˆPre wash soak ˆClay bar – removing contaminates from the paint ˆCondition before (buffing trails) ˆCondition …

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Mazda 6 (Stage 2 Rejuvenation + Opti-coat)

Opti Coat Mazda27

This car was supposedly detailed 4 weeks ago by a detailer in Adelaide. It was left in worst condition then what it started with buffing trails, swirl marks, deep scratches and the detailer had marred the clear coat badly. A stage 2 paint correction returned the deep black with purple metallic and it was then protected with a permanent Opti-coat …

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FPV Force 8 (Stage 2 Rejuvenation + Opti-coat)

Ford FPV Detail23

The vibrant metallic grey was hiding under the swirl marks on this FPV Force 8. A stage 2 paint correction returned the gloss and metallic flakes. Opti-coat protection was then applied to protect the paint from further damage. ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆAssessing paint work ˆAssessing paint work ˆAssessing paint work ˆ50/50 before and after – removing swirl …

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