Paint Correction

Paint correction involves the use of a variety of machine polishes. Ultimately, it removes paint defects from the car’s surface with various polishing compounds. Defects may include swirl marks, scratches, water spots, bird poo etchings as well as oxidisation. At Elite Finish, we understand that every car requires different levels of attention and care. Therefore, we have developed three options of paint correction to suit the condition of your car.

>Stage 1: Enhancement

An enhancement detail is a light polish to refine the paint finish. It will make the paint feel smooth, enhance gloss levels as well as reducing minor swirl marks, oxidisation & adding depth of colour.  Recommended for cars needing only light correction as it will not remove moderate to heavy swirl marks.

Estimated time frame is around 5 hours

Price: $395

Stage 1 – 50/50 before and after on an Evo7


> Stage 2: Rejuvenation

A Rejuvenation detail is the most popular and a highly recommended correction detail. It’s the next step up from an enhancing detail, suited to those with either of the following: Moderate swirl marks, oxidisation, buffing trails, light scratch marks and light etchings from water stains.

Estimated time frame is around 7 hours

Price: $495


Stage 2 – 50/50 before and after on a 08 WRX 

> Stage 3+: Restoration

A Restoration detail is aimed at achieving the best possible condition out of your paint. Removing moderate to heavy swirl marks, scratches whilst still allowing long term clear coat for the future.

2 day booking

Price: $595

Stage 3 – 50/50 before and after on an E46 M3


Paint Correction process:

– Wheels/tyres and wheel arches cleaned and degreased
– Car foamed with PH neutral car shampoo to release dirt, grime and oils on the paint
– Badges/grilles and door jambs cleaned
– Two bucket hand wash entire vehicle
– High pressure rinsed
– Vehicle dried with microfibes drying towel
– 3 stage paint decontamination (Iron decontamination, tar remover and clay bar)
– Plastics and rubber taped up
1/2 or 3+ stage paint correction completed
– Alcohol/ panel prep wipe to ensure surface is 100% clean and primed for a wax/sealant
– High quality wax/sealant applied
– Windows and mirrors cleaned

*Price is for sedan, Excessively dirty cars may be charged extra.