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Providing the finest automotive detailing and paint protection services in Adelaide

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About Us

Automotive detailing specialist, Elite Finish restores the condition of your car to its highest quality using internationally renowned products and the most effective technologies known to automotive detailing. Focusing on attention to detail and perfection, quality over quantity. This sets us apart from the rest.

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Approved Opticoat dealer

Elite Finish are an approved Opticoat paint protection dealer. Opticoat PRO+ is a permanent, hard wearing, ceramic clear coat with superior resistance to chemical etching and harsh environmental elements. It also provides a permanent hydrophobic surface with characteristics that repels water, dirt and grime so your car stays cleaner for longer.

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Paint correction specialist

Paint correction is an intensive process that ultimately removes paint defects from the car’s surface including swirl marks, scratches, water spots, bird etchings, buffing trails and oxidisation. Every car requires different levels of attention and care. Therefore we have developed three levels of paint correct to suit the condition of your car.

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