BMW G80 M3 (New car protection)

BMW G80 Brooklyn Grey37

This Brooklyn Grey G80 BMW M3 came in for new car treatment:

  • NXTZEN Graphene paint protection including wheels
  • NXTZEN Glass coat
  • NXTZEN interior leather and fabric coating
  • Ceramic window tint
  • PPF door cups and boot entry
Iron decontamination on the wheels
Iron decon on the paintwork
Clay bar to remove any other contaminates
We used NXTZEN drying towel to dry the paintwork
We computer cut window tint to avoid cutting patterns on your car
Our specific tinting bay helps reduce any dust in the film
Before and after 28% Window tint
Single stage polish to remove any defects
Before and after Polishing the carbon fibre roof
Removing marks from the paintwork
The PPF patterns are computer cut so that no trimming is done on the paintwork
PPF applied top the rear boot entry to stop scuffs
NXTZEN Graphene Serum additive to the Ceramic coating and Glass coat applied to the glass
Before and after NXTZEN glass coat
Infrared curing the coating
Curing in our specific correction and coating bay
NXTZEN Leather and fabric coating applied to the interior
The Graphene coating is also applied to the BMW wheels
The Graphene serum/Ceramic coating with the door cups installed