Mitsubishi EVO 7 (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)


This white EVO6 looked quite dull and suffered some oxidisation as well as some moderate swirl marks. It was booked for a Headlight restorationStage 2 Rejuvination correction process which returned it back to a deep gloss white with clear headlights.


ˆCondition before – headlights cloudy and had minimal reflection in the paint

ˆCondition before – Brake dust has bonded with the matte black rims.

ˆStage 1 decontamination – Iron content removal

ˆStage 2 decontamination – clay bar removing tar spots and other contaminations

ˆBefore – Deep marks around door handles

ˆAfter – Scratch’s reduced or removed

ˆ50/50 on paint correction

ˆ50/50 on paint correction

ˆ50/50 on paint correction


ˆHeadlights before

ˆHeadlights after


Final shots are stage 2 & headlight restoration



Thank you for viewing, the Stage 2 & Headlight Restoration on this EVO 7 took 8 to complete (One day booking)



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