Car care products

Elite Finish Glass Cleaner $14.95

Unlike many glass cleaners: this is tint safe, ammonia and streak free. We recommend using this window cleaner with one of our premium microfibres in store for the best result.

Elite Foam Wash 1L $29.95

Elite Finish Foam Wash is perfect as a bucket wash as well as a foam concentrate for foam guns. It’s designed to clean the toughest automotive grime while maximising the protection of your paint. This rich foaming lather can help lift dirt and grime whilst leaving a smooth clean surface behind.

Foam Gun and Wash $99

1L of Elite Foam Wash will foam around 40 cars diluted correctly and come out as thick like shaving cream. Available for most pressure washer attachments

Premium wash pack 1L $59

Elite Finish Foam Wash + NXTZEN Drying towel + Microfibre wash mitt

Car care products

In store we have a range of all purpose cleaners, Interior/leather cleaners and protectants, tyre shines, spray waxes and coatings, waterless washes, as well as iron decontamination chemicals