Wheels and Tyres

Wheel Woolie (Large) $39.95

The benefit of the Wheel Woolies® comes from its metal-free design which reduces scratches and brush splatter. Twisted wire spoke brushes are known to damage rims and create residue splatter due to their tough bristles.

The soft, dense carpet fibers of the Wheel Woolies® are 100% polypropylene, recyclable and chemical resistant. These fibers are great for holding in suds to transfer them to the wheel.

Iron Zero 500ml $19.95 / 1000ml $34.95

Iron Zero has powerful cleaning abilities, breaking down and removing ferrous particles of iron fallout from painted surfaces such as the bodywork and wheels. Being PH neutral, it will provide a safe but strong clean without the need to step into acidic or alkaline chemicals which can easily damage wheels if not left of the surface.

Multi Cleaner 500ml $19.95 / 1000ml $34.95

Multi-cleaner is an All Purpose Cleaner (APC). This product is a full strength concentrate that can be used for safe wheel cleaning, as well as diluting it for cleaning plastics, vinyls, upholstery, carpet and leather.


Seal tyre shine 500ml $19.95 / 1000ml $34.95

Seal is a water based silicone oxide, solvent free, UV protecting, gloss tyre shine. It can also be diluted with water 1:3 to get a satin finish on tyres or rubber trims.

Tyre shine applicator $3.95

Perfect applicator for applying your favourite tyre shines.