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HSV VY Senator (Stage 2/3 + Opti-coat)

Commodore Opti Coat23

This HSV Senator was in need of some restoration to bring back the deep metallic. The car had swirl marks and scratches over the body which dulled the black paint. After a decent wash and decontamination (Iron, tar spot removal and clay bar) The car was ready for a stage 3 on most panels and 2 on lower panels: ˆCondition …

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Holden Monaro CV8 (Stage 2 paint correction + Opti-coat)

IMG 6985

The red paint on this Monaro was oxidised, had swirl marks and bird poo etchings. It needed a stage 2 paint correction to return back to a deep red. Once corrected it was protected with Opti-coat paint protection ˆCondition before – dull red paint  ˆDeep wheel clean ˆPre wash soak ˆStage 1 decontamination ˆStage 2 decontamination ˆCondition before – Heavy …

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