VW Polo GTI (Opticoat paint protection)


The small 1.4L turbo and supercharged Polo GTi was booked in for Opticoat paint protection as well as a Nanotechnology glass treatment. This provides the ultimate in protection against the elements.


ˆBefore condition

ˆBefore condition

ˆBefore condition

ˆBefore condition

ˆDeep clean

ˆStage 1 decontamination (Iron content/brake dust)

ˆStage 2 decontamination (Tar spot removal/overspray/residue or bug splatter)

ˆExhaust before

ˆExhaust after

ˆGlass sealant applied

Final shots after Opticoat paint protection:

Thank you for following, the Opticoat paint protection detail took 4 hours however needs until the end of the day or overnight booking for the coat to cure.

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