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Audi S5 (Stage 2 + Opticoat)

Audi S5 Opti Coat.21

This black Audi S5 recieved a stage 2 paint correction to remove some of the deep swirl marks and reduce the light scratchs in the paint as well as touching up some of the stone chips. Condition before: Wheel cleaning: Removing Iron content (rust) Car wash: No evidence of protection on paint Clay bar – removing tar spots and fallout …

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HSV VY Senator (Stage 2/3 + Opti-coat)

Commodore Opti Coat23

This HSV Senator was in need of some restoration to bring back the deep metallic. The car had swirl marks and scratches over the body which dulled the black paint. After a decent wash and decontamination (Iron, tar spot removal and clay bar) The car was ready for a stage 3 on most panels and 2 on lower panels: ˆCondition …

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Harley Davidson (Stage 1 + Opticoat)

Harley Davidson Detail 7

This Harley Davidson needed some light paint correction on the body to remove the light swirl marks and returned a deep gloss black. The paint, plastics and metal were coated with Opticoat protection.   ˆBefore ˆAfter ˆBefore ˆAfter ˆBefore ˆAfter Final shots after Opti-coat protection   This process took 4.5 hours to complete. (One day booking as the Opticoat needs to …

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Jaguar XJ (Stage 1 Enhancement + Opticoat + Leather)

Opti Coat Jaguar22

This 2011 model Jaguar need some minor work to remove water spots on the roof and swirl marks around the entire body. Once the paint was corrected it was protected with Opti-coat paint protection. The glass and leather was also protected.   ˆWheel clean ˆPre soak wash ˆChemical decontamination ˆNo sign of protection on the paint as the water is …

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Mercedes C63 Limited Edition (Opti-coat & Leather protection)

Opti Coat Adelaide15

This pearl white C63 AMG Mercedes was booked in for paint and leather protection. Opti-coat was applied to all paint surfaces as well as headlights, tail lights and plastic mouldings. The wheels were also treated with Opti-coat to help the brake dust from bonding with the wheels. The glass was treated with a hydrophobic sealant for a complete exterior protection. …

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Toyota GT86 (Stage 1 Enhancement + Opti-coat)

Opti Coat14

This blue GT86 was booked in for Opti-coat paint protection and a light 1 stage polish to remove some light swirl marks.   ˆPrewash foam ˆStage 1 decontamination ˆStage 2 decontamination ˆBefore (light swirl marks) ˆAtfer ˆBefore (Light swirl marks) ˆAfter ˆAfter ˆAfter ˆBefore (Light swirl marks on boot) ˆAfter   Final shots after stage 1 paint correction & Opti-coat …

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VW Golf R (Enhancement correction + Opti-coat)

IMG 6287

This Golf R was booked in for Opticoat paint protection and needing some light correction to remove swirl marks and water spots. The light polish returned the depth of colour and increased gloss. Once corrected the paint was protected with Opticoat paint protection. ˆWheel cleaning ˆPre wash soak ˆStage 1 decontamination – Iron content removal ˆStage 2 decontamination – Clay …

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Audi RS4 (Rejuvenation correction + Opti-coat)

IMG 5949

The Audi RS4 was needing some correction to remove buffing trails as well as some light swirl marks. The stage 2 rejuvenation correction returned the depth of colour and increased gloss. Once corrected the paint was protected by Opticoat paint protection. ˆWheel cleaning ˆDeep clean ˆIron Decontamination ˆClay bar – Removing tar spots from lower panels ˆMeasuring paint levels ˆBefore: …

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BMW M3 CSL (Opti-coat Paint protection)

IMG 5467

The limited edition Carbon Fibre M3 CSL (2003) was booked in for a light enhancement detail to prepare it for a Permanent Opticoat Protection. ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆDeep clean ˆCleaning the spokes and inner wheel ˆCleaning badges and grilles ˆDecontamination – Iron content removal ˆDecontamination – Clay bar ˆDecontamination – Tar spot removal ˆRemoval of …

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BMW M5 (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation & Opti-coat)

IMG 7968

This 2006, 5.0-litre V10 booked in for a Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation for a post sale detail. The process removed the swirl marks caused from washing & returned the finish to a deep metallic black. The M5 was then protected from the elements with Opticoat Permanent paint protection. ˆWash ˆClay bar ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition under the lights …

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