Subaru STi Spec R (Opticoat paint protection)

IMG 43601

The client just took delivery of this pearl white 2012 Subaru STi Spec R and booked in for Opticoat paint protection. Subaru (As well as most other Japanese paints) are notiorious for having soft paint so Opticoat will provide a permanent harder ceramic coating which is protect against swirl marks and light scratches, as well as chemical etching.

ˆBefore condition


ˆDeep clean

ˆCleaning wheels, tyres & wheel arches

ˆStage 1 decontamination – Removing Iron content (Brake dust etc.) which has bonded with the clear coat

ˆStage 2 decontamination – Removing other contaminates on the surface to prepare for opticoat

ˆApplying Nanotechnology glass sealant for high performance water repellence

After Opticoat paint protection & Nanotechnology glass sealant detail:


Thank you for following, the Opticoat paint protection detail took 4 hours however needs until the end of the day or overnight booking for the coat to cure.


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