Ford XR8 (Stage 2 paint correction)

Ford Buffing Trails19

Each panel of this XR8 had buffing trails on it. This is caused from a machine polisher used incorrectly. The …

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Nissan 370Z (Stage 1.5 + Opticoat)

Nissan 370z 19

This Nissan 370z booked in for a paint correction to remove swirl marks around the body and in particular deep …

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Lamborghini Gallardo L140 S (Stage 2 paint correction)


The limited edition Lamborghini Gallardo with Gt3 Carbon fibre wing and side vents needed some work to return a deep …

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Harley Davidson (Stage 1 + Opticoat)

Harley Davidson Detail 7

This Harley Davidson needed some light paint correction on the body to remove the light swirl marks and returned a …

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BMW 325i Coupe (Stage 1 + Opti-coat)

BMW Paint Protection 24

This 325i needed a light refining polish to remove some swirl marks and buffing trails. The stage 1 paint correction …

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Ford Fiesta XR4 (Enhancement package + touchup)


This Ford Fiesta XR4 booked in for an enhancement package (Stage 1 paint correction, Interior and engine bay). The paint …

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Alfa Romeo junior Zagato 1970 (Stage 2 Paint correction)

Alfa Romerooo

This rareĀ Alfa Romeo 1300 junior Zagato (One in 4 in Australia) booked in for a detail in preparation forĀ Auto Italia …

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Mercedes 500SL (Custom package + Opti-coat)

Mercedes Protection Adelaide21

This Mercedes 500SL was in need for some interior and exterior work to restore it’s true value. The leather was …

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EVO X (Stage 2 paint correction + Opti-coat)

EVOX Opticoat30

The EVO X was in need of some correction to remove the swirl marks. The stage 2 rejuvenation correction also …

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Jaguar XJ (Stage 1 Enhancement + Opticoat + Leather)

Opti Coat Jaguar22

This 2011 model Jaguar need some minor work to remove water spots on the roof and swirl marks around the …

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Porsche Cayenne (Key mark reduction + Stage 1)

Porsche Cayenne19

This Porsche Cayenne had been keyed all the way from the front quarter panel down the side to the rear …

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Mercedes C63 Limited Edition (Opti-coat & Leather protection)

Opti Coat Adelaide15

This pearl white C63 AMG Mercedes was booked in for paint and leather protection. Opti-coat was applied to all paint …

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