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EVO X (Stage 2 paint correction + Opti-coat)

EVOX Opticoat30

The EVO X was in need of some correction to remove the swirl marks. The stage 2 rejuvenation correction also increased the depth of colour and gloss levels. Once corrected the paint was protected by Opticoat paint protection. ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆPre wash foam ˆClay bar ˆCondition before – swirl marks ˆCondition before – swirl marks ˆCondition before – …

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Jaguar XJ (Stage 1 Enhancement + Opticoat + Leather)

Opti Coat Jaguar22

This 2011 model Jaguar need some minor work to remove water spots on the roof and swirl marks around the entire body. Once the paint was corrected it was protected with Opti-coat paint protection. The glass and leather was also protected.   ˆWheel clean ˆPre soak wash ˆChemical decontamination ˆNo sign of protection on the paint as the water is …

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Porsche Cayenne (Key mark reduction + Stage 1)

Porsche Cayenne19

This Porsche Cayenne had been keyed all the way from the front quarter panel down the side to the rear end. It required wet sanding to reduce/remove the marks as much as possible without removing too much clear coat.   ˆCondition before – Key mark front quarter panel ˆCondition before – Key mark front quarter panel ˆCondition before – Key mark …

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