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Mitsubishi EVO 7 (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)


This white EVO6 looked quite dull and suffered some oxidisation as well as some moderate swirl marks. It was booked for a Headlight restoration & Stage 2 Rejuvination correction process which returned it back to a deep gloss white with clear headlights.   ˆCondition before – headlights cloudy and had minimal reflection in the paint ˆCondition before – Brake dust has bonded with the …

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Nissan Silvia S15 (Stage 2 paint Rejuvenation)

IMG 3833

Like many other red cars, this S15 suffered from oxidisation and the finish was quite dull. It also had some water marks on the bonnet that needed to be removed. Stage 2 Rejuvination correction process was decided to correct these probems and get the deep red colour back. ˆBefore condition ˆStage 1 decontamination – Iron content removal (Brake dust) ˆStage 2 decontamination – Clay bar …

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Nissan Skyline R34 GTR (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)

IMG 5466

The GTR booked in for a Rejuvenation paint correction & a Engine bay detail. The GTR had minor swirl marks around the body as well as some deep marks on the front bumper bar and a hit from a soccer ball on the drivers door.  It needed the two stage machine polish to get back the deep blue colour and carbon fibre looking immaculate. …

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Subaru STi Spec R (Opticoat paint protection)

IMG 43601

The client just took delivery of this pearl white 2012 Subaru STi Spec R and booked in for Opticoat paint protection. Subaru (As well as most other Japanese paints) are notiorious for having soft paint so Opticoat will provide a permanent harder ceramic coating which is protect against swirl marks and light scratches, as well as chemical etching. ˆBefore condition   …

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Audi A4 (Stage 2 Paint Rejuvenation)


A Stage 2 Paint Correction was done on this Audi. There were some deep marks all over the paint and several swirl marks. being solid black it didn’t hide anything. ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆCondition before ˆFoam bath ˆClay bar ˆBefore – Swirl marks ˆBefore – swirl marks ˆBefore – deep marks ˆBefore – deep marks ˆDeep marks removed/reduced ˆBefore – deep …

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